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Living Life to the Full

8 weekly workshops, 1½ hours each.

The Living Life to the Full course aims to provide access to high quality, practical and user-friendly training in life skills. The course includes key knowledge in how to tackle and respond to issues and demands which we all meet in our everyday lives.

The following outline gives an overview of the type of things the course covers:

  • Understanding why we feel as we do
  • Practical problem solving skills
  • Overcoming reduced activity
  • Helpful and unhelpful behaviours
  • Noticing and dealing with unhelpful thoughts
  • Dealing with feelings of anger
  • Building self confidence
  • Healthy living - sleep, food, diet and exercise
  • Staying well

Includes access to the living life lounge, a café style meeting place in the community for all participants and graduates of Living Life to the Full to discuss goals and implementation of skills and techniques learnt on the courses.

You can also find out more by visiting the ‘Living Life to the Full’ website:

Confidence Building

6 weekly workshops, 1½ hours each.

The course aims to increase your confidence and self-esteem by sharing and learning from others’ experiences in a supportive and comfortable atmosphere, helping you recognise and build on your strengths. The course is run by people with lived experience.

On completion of the course, you will be invited to attend the regular café style meetings to help you implement what you have learnt.

Anxiety Management4 weekly workshops, 1½ hours each. We understand that mental illness can cause increased anxiety levels that affect how we function and how we perform roles and tasks. Feelings about the past, fears for the future and current concerns can hinder recovery and prevent us from moving forward in our lives. Our anxiety workshops are designed by people with living experience of anxiety to provide strategies for understanding what anxiety is, why we experience it and how to identify thoughts or situations that can cause us unwanted anxiety.

Recovery Star Workshops

8 short workshops

A combination of workshops and mentoring sessions focussing on a different component of the Recovery Star including:

  • Managing Mental Health
  • Self Care & Living Skills
  • Addictive Behaviour
  • Identity & Self Esteem
  • Social Networks & Relationships
  • Trust and Hope
  • Work
  • Responsibilities

Work Preparation

Many people find that work can provide identity, friendship, a steady routine and a salary, helping them stay mentally healthy.

Work Preparation - 6 weekly workshops, 1½ hours each
Essential skills for people considering a route to employment who don’t yet feel ready to apply for a position. The workshops will help you build confidence and motivation, search for and apply for jobs and help with the interview process.

Job Retention Support - 6 weekly sessions, 1 hour each
An employment specialist will help those that are in work remain employed through: mediation support; gaining an understanding of reasonable adjustments when returning to work; helping you complete employment
related forms; and helping you deal with problems with your mental health while at work.

Supported Permitted Work - 3 weekly sessions, 1 hour each
Working closely with Jobcentreplus to enable people who wish to work, but are unable to work full-time, to seek, gain and maintain part time work while still receiving benefits. This course includes mediation support and sign off on supported permitted work.

Job Coaching - 13 weekly sessions, 1 hour each
Through one to one coaching and small group work you can develop a better understanding of personal skills, experience and knowledge that can be applied in a working environment. Tailored support will help you search for jobs that suit you and complete the application process.

Practical Courses

Grow It, Cook It, Eat It is a fun and practical course that will help you learn what vegetables and fruit to grow when and how to cook with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Gardening for Wildlife workshops will help you encourage wildlife in your own garden and the community by building bird boxes, bug hotels and encouraging butterflies.




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